“Veryfi is building the Next Generation Data Extraction & Transformation Platform.”


The world is changing faster than ever before.

The first industrial revolution was marked by a transition from hand production methods to machines through the use of steam power and water power. The second industrial revolution (technological revolution) allowed faster transfer of people and ideas via roads and telegraph and electrification. Laying the ground work for the third industrial revolution; the current digital revolution. This era has enabled many digital products but there’s something big on the horizon you might have already glimpsed; the fourth industrial revolution. This will blur the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. Evolving at an exponential rather than a linear pace.

Breakthroughs in fields such as AI (artificial intelligence) will be one of many such fast moving events. Exponential growth in computing power put a computer into everyone’s pocket connecting us and reducing barriers to entry. New products and services have have spawned enabling things like automation of mundane tasks as simple as pressing a button on your smart phone. This is just the beginning of this exciting era. At the heart of it all are Platforms that feed the AI with unbiased data to make faster and smarter decisions. These Data Transformation platforms are the enablers of what’s to come.

Today, only 13 percent of businesses have realized the full impact of this new digital investment. An investment that will enable cost savings, create growth through new business models and a hyper-personalized experiences for all consumers in the world.

Veryfi is helping shape a Data Transformation Platform of the future. Shaped responsibly, will catalyze a new culture renaissance, lift humanity and lead us to a true global civilization. It is incumbent on us to make sure we get there.


Our Culture

Be User Obsessed

We love hearing from Veryfi users and customers to make sure we are meeting their needs. Speak directly with the team that’s building Veryfi; and don’t be surprised if you run into one of the founders on your next call.

Challenge The Status Quo

Be Bold. To move toward a sustainable and inclusive future, we need to transform existing capabilities with machine based automation end-to-end, and without the restrictions of legacy technology or manual burden methods.

Do Good

No shortcuts if it will hurt someone. Whether it’s an issue around data privacy, security or technology; it must always do good without an exception.

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Team Values


Clarity of purpose, focus and alignment helps us all achieve our calling.


Giving individuals and teams freedom to take initiative & accountability while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.

Work life Harmony

Empowering you solely to achieve an experience you need while harmonizing with those you care about.


About the Founders


Veryfi was founded by 2 friends; Ernest Semerda and Dmitry Birulia, whom immigrated to the US during the 2009 recession. Both met at Quotient in Silicon Valley, gaining product and engineerings skills from startup to an eventual IPO (Quotient Technologies, NASDAQ: QTNT).

After starting Veryfi, the duo were accepted into the prestigious Y Combinator program (W17 cohort) giving these 2 immigrants a chance to do good and change the world.

Dmitry and Ernest bring decades of industry skills and engineering experience from financial services to CPG retail with first hand experience growing all facets of a business from startup to IPO.

Join us on this exciting journey!

YCombinator W17 YC ~ Ernest Semerda & Dmitry BiruliaLeft to Right: Ernest Semerda (cofounder) and Dmitry Birulia (cofounder) at Y Combinator (YC W17 Cohort).


Open Positions

Web Software Engineer Engineering

5+ years building modern web applications.
2+ years of experience using Flask or similar.
Advanced experience with JavaScript (ECMAScript 2018+, React Native).

3 x Python Software Engineers Engineering

Building applications in Python 2 / 3 (preferred).
Experience using popular web frameworks.
Experience building integrations using OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect.

Platform Engineer Engineering

5+ years building applications Python 2 and 3, C++.
Strong Experience with RESTful API design.
5+ years of experience using a SQL database.

Data Science Engineer Engineering

Strong background in Computer Vision (TensorFlow, OpenCV).
5+ years in Algorithm Design (Statistical, Machine Learning, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit).
Experience applying advanced machine learning to large scale, financial modeling problems.

Senior Mobile Engineer Engineering

5+ years experience developing on iOS or Android.
You’re familiar with mobile product and design lifecycles.
You write high quality code with and automated tests.

Pitch Us

Pitch us a role you feel we need to open and value you can bring to the company for consideration. We love working with talented and forward thinking people of all walks of life. Say G’Day!.


All roles at Veryfi require excellent english communication skills. We believe most issues experienced at work are due to miscommunication. Communication is a great start to understanding intent, engaging your colleagues and understanding customer needs and wants.

All engineering roles at Veryfi require a level of experience with version control and continuous deployment through Github/Bitbucket, Jenkins and AWS.

Additional roles may be listed on AngelList Jobs where you can also apply for a job at Veryfi.


Veryfi is backed by


Veryfi is backed by Y CombinatorVeryfi is backed by Act One Ventures   Zillionize and Victor Orlovski, CTO of Sberbank

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